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The English World Difference

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Plan of Training

  • Determination of the level : It is done with a validated international examination (Placement Test).
  • Detection of Needs : a survey is applied to the organization (Language Competence Assesment)
  • Type of Course and curriculum : The specific contents and characteristics of the teachers are decided.
  • Administration and monitoring : The English course is executed with a periodic control.
  • Return: Measure the absolute progress of the students with the initial examinations.

We have a System that includes:

  • Integrative Model and exclusively Evolutionary.
  • Personalized and Flexible courses.
  • Support with Multimedia Laboratory.
  • Good Chilean y Foreign Teachers.
  • Better alternative in relation price - quality.
  • Support Online 24-hours.
  • Better and safer location in Temuco's downtown.
  • TOEIC® Authoerized Center .

The most advanced Technology

Pronunciation Power the only software used in our language laboratories ...."
John de Zsendeffy
Multimedia Laboratory of Languages
Center of the Learning of English
Universidad de Boston, USA


The Diference of English World


Our methodology is known as Blended-Learning, it is composed of Attended Clases and Laboratory Secions to reinforce the contents in classes with the teacher. The courses are developed with different methodologies depending on the pupil's level of english. We use a communicative approach for those pupils that are diagnosed from an Basic level (2) up to an Advanced level (12) and another different system, called Essential English, for Beginners (1).

English World's method of education is designed to solve the student's high expectations of learning while we offer them the flexibility of working in agreement to their needs and personal skills. The active participation is fundamental for the English World's learning program. One stimulates the students to be active pupils and to join a variety of activities so they were like inside classrooms.

Our integrated approach to study this language, which our teaches shows all the idiomatic essential skills of grammar, reading, writing, hearing and talking with activities based on tasks, they assure their active participation in the learning process. Besides the texts and the most recent methods of education we incorporate, as Official Distributors of the program of pronunciation Pronunciation Power Software, the technology multimedia in all the courses to guarantee that their experience of learning english in English World is pleasant and successful.

English World's programs present topics of high interest, focused on the precision and fluency, and programs of multiple skills that integrate topics, structures, functions, vocabulary and pronunciation. The underlying philosophy of the courses are that the learning of the language is better when it is used for significant communication. The books of our courses are written in American English, but they reflect the fact that English is the most important language for international communication and does not limit itself in any country, region or culture.

The teacher will be able to use the following pedagogic resources: book of exercises, discs of audio and video, visual material, guides of exercises, grammatical supplementary material and a wide variety of softwares for use in classrooms and laboratory. When the pupil is registered, he or she will obtain one mp4 programmed to learn the language by means of videoes synchronized with the lessons, exercises of comprehension, pronunciation and grammar.

Why should I believe in English World programs?

One of English World’s most important differences is our grammatical approach to language learning at Beginner level. It has been demonstrated that just a communicative method does not work well at all. Desertion of Spanish-speakers is very common with beginner students who are overstretched and discouraged and do not persevere until reaching their goals. In most cases students spend a lot of time studying English but with frustrating results; they may have learned many words, rules, literature, etc, but are unable to hold a simple conversation in English at the end of their course!

The main difference, between English World’s method and others is that our courses do not gradually extend the vocabulary used in our exercises. Other courses attempt to overburden students with too much vocabulary. We, on the contrary, employ scientific methods to focus on the essential vocabulary. English World’s Beginner level for Spanish-speakers teaches English with emphasis on practical and commercial purposes. We have evolved a system of basic vocabulary and simple rules of grammar: And it works!

Student-Centered Classes

  • each individual is respected
  • the needs of the students come first
  • students work on the language while teachers work on the students
  • students are encouraged to learn independently
  • individual learning styles and preferences are recognized, appreciated and accommodated

Focus On Learning

  • teachers help students learn inductively and develop criteria for correctness
  • teacher acts as facilitator allowing students to assume central role in their own learning
  • independent projects address individual needs and allow students to learn at their own pace


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