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Why study at English World?


Plan of Training

  • Determination of the level : It is done with a validated international examination (Placement Test).
  • Detection of Needs : a survey is applied to the organization (Language Competence Assesment)
  • Type of Course and curriculum : The specific contents and characteristics of the teachers are decided.
  • Administration and monitoring : The English course is executed with a periodic control.
  • Return: Measure the absolute progress of the students with the initial examinations.



The quality of English World’s programs begins with high standards in the selection of its faculty. English World teachers combine pedagogical excellence with a warm, caring approach to create an environment in which learning can be rapid and enjoyable. Qualifications of teachers include:

- Bachelors in linguistics or a related field
- Foreign language ability
- Teaching or living abroad experience
- Dedication to student progress and professional achievement
- Previous teaching experience


English World - Language Center - Chile
TEMUCO: M. Bulnes 541 Oficina 411 (45)722268
PUERTO MONTT: A. Varas 525 Of 402 Fono: (65) 523705
CONCEPCIÓN: O´Higgins 914 Of 6 Fono: (41) 2795111