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Introducing English World’s Multimedia?


The Best way to Increase your Learning Potential

This software is helping millions improve their English pronunciation!

Do you understand people when they are speaking English to you?

Do people understand you when you are speaking English to them?

If you said "No" to either of these questions, we have an easy, affordable solution to your problem.

Introducing the Pronunciation Power Series for beginner to advanced English learners of all ages. Pronunciation Power will take you step by step through a simple, easy to follow process that will give you the tools needed to master the 52 separate sounds of English language. Pronunciation Power will help you to put the 52 sounds to use immediately, in words and sentences. You will begin to speak clear, understandable English within minutes. Pronunciation Power works by combining a powerful new English dictionary with the writing of lessons, exercises and games. These compounds work together to introduce and reinforce the concepts of English sounds, and how they are combined to create words and sentences for clear, understandable English communication.

Features and Benefits of Pronunciation Power Series

English pronunciation is recognized by English as a Second Language (ESL) professionals and ESL learners world wide as the most difficult aspect of teaching or learning English as a Second Language. Poor communication due to poor speaking skills can adversely affect a speaker's employment, social standing and level of education.
This program identifies the key elements that an individual needs to learn appropriate speech habits and then assists them in practicing these important patterns of sound and speech. It has been proven that these kinds of products teach people to speak clear, understandable English.

“Pronunciation Power is the only pronunciation software in our language labs at this time”

John de Szendeffy
Multimedia Language Lab
Center for English Learning and Orientation Programs
Boston University


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