La última y más avanzada tecnología para el Aprendizaje del Inglés.

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Testing your proficiency


Students are tested for proficiency and assigned to appropriate levels. Performance is reviewed periodically to determine deficiencies so that timely steps can be taken to correct them.


Plan of Training

  • Determination of the level : It is done with a validated international examination (Placement Test).
  • Detection of Needs : a survey is applied to the organization (Language Competence Assesment)
  • Type of Course and curriculum : The specific contents and characteristics of the teachers are decided.
  • Administration and monitoring : The English course is executed with a periodic control.
  • Return: Measure the absolute progress of the students with the initial examinations.


What level are you?

1.- Beginner See the link related to the method used.

Beginner, ranges from little or no English to understanding simple statements and phrases. Can read and write using basic grammatical structures but has very limited vocabulary, makes frequent errors, and depends on native-speaker translation for comprehension.

2.- Low Intermediate (TOEIC 10-150)

Understands most conversations spoken slowly and distinctly; has fair, but not complete control of structure and pronunciation. Able to express ideas simply in written paragraph form, but makes many mistakes. Vocabulary is very limited, must make frequent use of dictionaries.

3.- Intermediate (TOEIC 151-300)

Has general sentence structure under fair control, with occasional obscurity of meaning. Able to write simple essays, but has trouble with accuracy and with use of complex structures. Vocabulary is limited, but can engage, sometimes hesitatingly, in social and academic conversation.

4.- High Intermediate (TOEIC 301-450)

Reads and writes with some ease, making occasional errors. Still has difficulty composing essays. Uses all-English dictionary. Understands most conversations and lectures on familiar subjects at normal speed. Able to converse with fewer pronunciation mistakes.

5.- Low Advanced (TOEIC 451-600)

Reads and writes with accuracy, making errors in complex or technical forms. Understands most conversations and lectures at normal speed, but specialized language and idiomatic usage is still difficult. Able to speak effectively, with a minimum of pronunciation mistakes in most social and academic situations.

6.- Advanced (TOEIC 601-750)

Reads and writes effectively for most purposes with occasional errors in complex structures. Speaks fluently in most subjects, with errors in idiomatic forms and making infrequent pronunciation mistakes. Has little difficulty understanding familiar topics at normal speed and much unfamiliar technical speech.

7.- Fluency (TOEIC 750-900)

Can handle most practical, social, abstracts and professional topics with ease. Controls language forms well, but make occasional errors in complex structures. Errors rarely interfere with communication with native speakers or understanding of technical subjects. Though competent in specialized fields, can benefit from idiomatic and technical usage in these areas.

* TOEIC scores are approximate.