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Spanish Language Immersion Programs are offered in Southern Chile. Volcanoes, National Parks, Lakes, Rivers and Hot-springs are found in one of the most spectacular locations in the world. Classes with local people, Winter/Summer Sessions, Electives, Host Families and Tours are some of the services English World Language Centers can offer you.

English World’s center in Temuco City is located 677km (420 miles) south of Santiago; 112km (69 miles) north-west of Pucón. Temuco is probably one of the world’s best towns to visit: Temuco offers enough attractions to warrant a half day getting to know Chile's third-largest city.

Historically known as La Frontera (The Frontier), this is where the Mapuche Indians kept The Spanish Conquistadors at bay for 300 years until Chile's Frontier Army founded a fort on the shore of the River Cautín in 1881. The city grew like a boomtown as Spanish, German, French, Swiss, and English immigrants poured into the region. Temuco is still one the country's fastest-growing cities, as it is evident by the thundering buses, bustling downtown crowds and modern shopping centers which rub shoulders with traditional street markets. Despite such rapid developments, Temuco retains much of its old charm as a historic town.

Temuco is within easy reach of several important and spectacular National Parks, such as Conguillío, Villarrica, and Huerquehue. It is also the gateway to the popular holiday resort of Pucón with its towering snow capped volcano, mountains, lakes, fishing, hot volcanic springs and skiing centers.


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